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GIANNI CARLUCCIO, HUBERT WESTKEMPER | È una commedia? È una tragedia?/In attesa di giudizio

17, 18, 19 | 06 | 2017

written and directed by

Roberto Andò


Fausto Russo Alesi and Giovanni Esposito


Simona Severini


Vincenzo Pasquariello

voice of Pilato

Renato Scarpa

space installation and lighting design


Gianni Carluccio and Antonella D’Orsi

sound design

Hubert Westkemper

co-production Fondazione Campania dei Festival – Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Nuovo Teatro

Texts by Thomas Bernhard, Elias Canetti, Salvatore Satta, as well as The Gospel of John. An escape from judgement and from the pitiful presumption that laws can somehow follow upon and interrupt the natural and turbulent renewal of life and experience. A show conceived as a sort of still-life painting, in which – along with the triad announcing the mystery trial: a lawyer, the judge and the public prosecutor – there are also the victims with their perpetrators, and characters such as the Christ, Pilate, Socrates, Voltaire and a gorilla. A limbo in which the assassin and the legal expert speak. Together, they delve into the maze-like and senseless human condition granted by jurisprudence. An indictment on the meaning of trial itself.


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