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Silvia Costa | Julie

design by Silvia Costa

27, 29, 31 | 03 | and 1 | 04 | 2022


music by Philippe Boesmans
libretto by Luc Bondy and Marie-Louise Bischofberger from Mademoiselle Julie by August Strindberg

conductor. Emilio Pomarico

director and set designer. Silvia Costa collaboration to the set design. Michele Taborelli

costumes. Laura Dondoli

lighting design. Marco Giusti

dramaturgy. Simon Hatab assistant director. Rosabel Huguet Duenas

Julie. Irene Roberts Marie Tassin (Julie dancing) Jean.

Dean Murphy Kristin.

Lisa Mostin Acrobat.

Gianni Illiaquer Orchestra of the Opéra national de Lorraine

Coproduction Opera de Dijon


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